Hiking with Strangers

Mount Kigali - the most fun I’ve ever had hiking! As we scrambled up the crumbling red rocks, through the coffee plants, children appeared from the bushes to see us. ‘Muzungo’ (white people) is what the villagers exclaim out-loud when they see foreigners. We stopped several times to dance with the children (including a circle holding hands singing ‘Loch Lomond’ as we are a group of Scots!) 

After each encounter, the children would join our hike. It was like the Pied Piper, collecting children as we passed through. We laughed, held hands and danced some more. 

A beautiful girl called Merissa picked me a flower & gently kissed my hand when she didn’t think I would notice. It was such a fantastic atmosphere and a moment I will always keep in my memory.

They followed for a couple of hours, including a smiley 3 year old boy who skipped uphill the whole way. They apparently knew their long way back home again. These are the beautiful faces of the children that joined our hike:


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