Seamstress Chantal Tito
Kimironko Market, Kigali, Rwanda

Thank you to Chantal Tito, seamstress at Kimironko Market Kigali, for creating these beautiful culottes & clutch bag that I wore to the premiere of my 1st show in Germany last night. ✂️

At the market you can select a fabric, describe your design to one of the many skilled makers at the rows of sewing machines and then watch as your clothes are expertly created in front of your eyes, tailored to your exact size and unique taste.

‘MADE-IN-RWANDA’ is an initiative set up by the Rwandan government in 2015 to help boost local industrial contribution to the economic growth while promoting the brand of the Rwandan locally made products at the global stage. This reduces the country's burden of relying on imports and clothing aid, whilst promoting locally made products from Rwanda. 🇷🇼

I would love this approach to clothing consumption to be encouraged in the U.K: the simplicity and transparency of a supply chain; to witness the craftsmanship and detail that goes into an item; to meet WHO really makes our clothes & be able thank them; and most importantly, to put the money directly into their hands so they receive the fair & full benefit for their work. 🤝

At the end, Chantal hugged me hard, put her hand on my heart while blessing me and God for my custom. It was a beautiful act that has forever changed the way I relate to the clothing industry.

Chantal & I have continued our transaction and I keep my end of the bargain, sending pictures of when and where her clothes have lovingly worn, and letting her know of the compliments they receive. 



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