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If fortunate enough to visit other parts of the world, be it for leisure or business, we can expect to experience enjoyment, relaxation and possibly inspiration.
Travel doesn't just have to be about taking experiences, we can also offer our time generously by sharing ideas & exchanging skills. With exploitative mass tourism out of control in some parts of the world now, we should all be considering the less harmful effects of a trip based on Eco-tourism.


What is Eco-Tourism?

Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of locals, and involves an element of education. 

More specifically:

  • Minimising physical, social, behavioral & psychological impacts.
  • Building environmental & cultural awareness and respect.
  • Providing direct financial benefits for conservation.
  • Generating financial benefits for both locals & private industry.
  • Raising sensitivity to host countries’ political, environmental, & social climates.
  • Operating low-impact facilities.
  • Recognising rights & beliefs of Indigenous People, in partnership to create empowerment.



    The home sharing platform Airbnb also gave us the chance to welcome guests from all over the world into our London home without having to travel ourselves! Our guests often had adventurous spirits, in search of a less mainstream travel experience by really getting to live like locals. This was Airbnb's original ethos when the company formed in 2007 using some simple airbeds in a San Fransisco apartment. We loved having the opportunity to recommend London's not-so-touristy hidden gems & spend time with guests; whether its sharing a meal, taking a walk, or getting into deep conversations. Some of these chance friendships remain until this day.


    Travel Stories

    Many of our travel experiences are documented on Piccola Idea's Instagram page, through photos & short stories. 

    More notable encounters are documented in greater depth below. 

    Our trip to India in February 2020 included one of  the most cohesive examples of eco-tourism we've ever experienced 👇


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