Creative Dance

Dance and the creative arts has long been utilised to unite communities, regardless of background; building bridges across cultures, across countries, across continents, ignoring barriers of language. It is a gateway to expressing emotions, building confidence, sharing stories and passing down traditions.

Dance has played a significant part in my life. A hobby throughout childhood, I was fortunate enough to follow my dream of training professionally and a career performing on theatre stages in London, Europe and South America. My love of working with children & adults has taken me around the world and provided opportunities to exchange ideas with other dance communities.

Through my company Fluent Dance, and the NGO MindLeaps, I deliver arts workshops to some of the world's most underserved youth as they strive to improve living situations. Dance is the hook, the vehicle out of poverty and towards a stable education. These blogs share their stories of joy, connection and the positive impact that dance has on young lives.

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