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MindLeaps - Reflecting Back, Looking Forward

Tier 1 Training - New York Six months on from the first part of my MindLeaps training in New York, I am  excited to be heading out to the second part of training in Conakry, Guinea, West Africa. I can’t wait to meet the children and see how the MindLeaps programme runs in the field!    Here is a round-up of aspects I loved most about training so far: Being inspired Two types of people inspire me: brave people and kind people. The founder of MindLeaps, Rebecca Davis, is both. She exemplifies how one person’s small seed of an idea can grow into an enormous fruitful tree from which many benefit. Rebecca’s initial involvement in Rwanda has now spread to Uganda, Guinea, Mauritania and Kenya, directly improving the lives of hundreds of children and young adults. It is one of the best examples of positive change I have ever witnessed.  If that alone is not enough to motivate one to action their own ideas, nothing is! (Unbelievably she also led our dance classes in Kinyarw

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